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July 1, 2015
by Jeanne
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July’s Bizarre Holidays

  1. Build a Scarecrow Day
  2. Visitation of the Virgin Mary Day
  3. Stay Out of the Sun Day
  4. Tom Sawyer Fence Painting Day
  5. Workaholics Day
  6. National Fried Chicken Day
  7. National Strawberry Sundae Day
  8. Video Games Day
  9. National Sugar Cookie Day
  10. Clerihew Day
  11. National Cheer Up the Lonely Day
  12. Eat Your Jello Day
  13. Fool’s Paradise Day
  14. National Nude Day
  15. National Tapioca Pudding Day
  16. International Juggling Day
  17. National Peach Ice Cream Day
  18. National Ice Cream Day
  19. Flitch Day
  20. Ugly Truck Contest Day
  21. National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day
  22. Ratcatcher’s Day
  23. National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
  24. Amelia Earhart Day
  25. Threading the Needle Day
  26. All or Nothing Day
  27. Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
  28. National Milk Chocolate Day
  29. Cheese Sacrifice Day
  30. National Cheesecake Day
  31. Parent’s Day

June 10, 2015
by Jeanne
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June 10 is National Yo-Yo Day

Although it is believed the yo-yo originated in China, the first historical documentation is a painting on a vase dating back to 500 BC. Grecian yo-yos were made from wood, metal, or terra cotta. It is believed the terra cotta yo-yos were used as gifts to the gods since they were really too fragile to play with.

June 9, 2015
by Jeanne
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Donald Duck Day – June 9

Happy Birthday Donald Duck! Donald Duck was “born” on June 9, 1934 when he made his film debut in “The Wise Little Hen”, a Silly Symphony cartoon. Since then Donald Duck has been in over one hundred cartoons and even had a daily newspaper comic strip in the late 1930s.