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October’s Bizarre Holidays

  1. World Vegetarian Day
  2. Name Your Car Day
  3. Virus Appreciation Day
  4. National Golf Day
  5. National Storytelling Festival
  6. German-American Day
  7. National Frappe Day
  8. American Tag Day
  9. Moldy Cheese Day
  10. National Angel Food Cake Day
  11. It’s My Party Day
  12. International Monument of Frustration Scream Day
  13. National Peanut Festival
  14. Be Bald and Free Day
  15. White Cane Safety Day
  16. Dictionary Day
  17. Gaudy Day
  18. No Beard Day
  19. Evaluate Your Life Day
  20. National Brandied Fruit Day
  21. Babbling Day
  22. National Nut Day
  23. National Mole Day
  24. National Bologna Day
  25. Punk For a Day Day
  26. Mule Day
  27. Sylvia Plath Day
  28. Plush Animal Lover’s Day
  29. Hermit Day
  30. National Candy Corn Day
  31. National Magic Day

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