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Wood End Lighthouse

Wood End Lighthouse, Providencetown, MA

Wood End Lighthouse with the tide in

Wood End Lighthouse with the tide in

Wood End Lighthouse is all the way at the end of Cape Cod in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Actually, it is in the harbor of Provincetown. The lighthouse was established in 1872 and automated in 1961.  It is only 39 feet high.

To get to the Wood End Lighthouse, you can walk across the man-made breakwater.  The walk on the breakwater takes roughly 30 to 45 minutes.  if you park in town be sure to add another 20 minutes or so to that walk.  You may want to make the trip during low tide since the waves hitting the breakwater during high tide can make the walk a lot tougher.

I was able to get some good pictures of the lighthouse from a parking lot located on Commercial St. be sure to pay for your parking and return to your car on time, otherwise expect a parking ticket.  My friend and I were about ten minutes late to our car and had a ticket. The police are practically watching your car to see if they can give you a ticket.

Provincetown has a lot of interesting and unique shops and restaurants.  It’s a very artsy area to shop in with many shops featuring local artisans.

One shop we stopped in was Forbidden Fruit located at 173 Commercial Street. The owners are immensely helpful and very friendly.

Wood End Lighthouse with the tide out

Wood End Lighthouse with the tide out

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