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Trim 3 Way Nail Buffer

Trim 3-Way Buffer Review

I bought this 3 way buffer at Wal-Mart for 97 cents. The three steps are:

  1. Smooth
  2. Buff
  3. Shine

Trim 3 Way Nail Buffer

Trim 3 Way Nail Buffer

The three boards are afixed to a hard plastic triangle – equilateral triangle to be exact. Each step is printed right on each board so you know the order to use the boards in.

After the problems I had with the Revlon Shape-N-Buff, I was a bit wary of using this buffer. I figured since this buffer wasn’t flexible, I probably wouldn’t get a good result.

Well, I was totally wrong! I smoothed my nails with the “Smooth” step and “Buffed” and “Shined” them. The boards on the hard plastic triangle are soft enough to curve a little around my fingernails. I also didn’t have a problem with an adjacent buffer interfering with the step I was working on. The best part of all was I got a high glossy shine on my nails. The shine is so amazing it’s almost like looking at glass – so smooth and shiny. I keep staring at my nails – a 97 cent buffer working this well! Huh.

If you are looking are a nail buffer I highly recommend the Trim 3-Way Buffer.

I purchased this nail buffer with my own funds.

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