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Nail Art Tips and Tricks

Run out of nail polish remover?

Paint nail polish over the nail you want to remove the polish and then use a tissue to remove all the nail polish. Yes, this really does work!

Are your nails yellow from the nail polish you’ve been using?

Rub your nails with salt and lemon juice to remove the yellow stain.

To prevent your nails from becoming stained, use a clear base coat before painting on your colored polish.

Decals and striping tape are lifting up.

To prevent water slide decals and stiping tape from lifting up apply a clear coat of polish over your nail art every few days.

Got some nail polish on your skin?

Take an orange stick and tightly wrap a bit of cotton from a cotton ball on the end. Dip it into nail polish remover and gently rub the nail polish off your skin. This works great for getting polish off your skin that is very close to a polished nail.

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