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Long View of the Kitchen

My Yucky Kitchen

After Hurricane Andrew a lot of the townhouse units were a wreck. In comes the contractors who did a very quick, but poor job fixing up the units. In my kitchen is the cheapest cabinets I’ve ever seen. The drawers are actually made from plastic. When they come apart I super glue them together!

Then there was a leak from a neighboring unit that leaked under our cabinets. The cabinets became waterlogged and started to disintegrate. Fortunately, our insurance company covered the damage. However, our kitchen was left in a bit of a mess.

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Above is a photo gallery of the work done on the kitchen. We were able to purchase laminate cabinets, formica countertop, a new sink (stainless steel), a new stove (Kenmore), a new dishwaher (Kenmore), an over the stove microwave with vent (Kenmore), new flooring (porcelin tiles), and wall paint with the insurance money. We decided to keep the sink faucet and garbage disposal since they were fairly new.

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