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Blue Green Crocheted Blanket

Blue Green Blanket

I just finished the first blanket to be donated. I started it in June 2004 and poked along on it here & there. This is the first blanket I’ve ever crocheted – pretty good, huh? It’s more of a throw.

Some thoughts on this pattern:

Blue Green Crocheted Blanket

Blue Green Crocheted Blanket

Weaving the yarn through a double crochet mesh was easy enough, but it created a lot of waste. I had to make sure the yarn lengths were long enough to weave through the entire throw. So, I had to over estimate length and cut off the extra when I evened up the fringe. Needless to say, a lot of wasted yarn went into my garbage can. I kept looking at thinking what a waste & if it were a blanket made from squares there wouldn’t be so much waste.

Because of the waste, I probably won’t make this pattern again. I like the end result, but the amount of waste really bothered me.

I completed this blanket February 2005.

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